Know the bigger picture

Free Question FinancesThe financial performance of your business is an obvious point of focus for an accountancy partner. But the ‘bigger picture’ of how your business fits with your home, family assets, investments and broader ‘financial life’ can make an even bigger difference. 

We’ve helped thousands of NZ business owners ensure that the structures set up around their business and personal assets, can make a real contribution towards optimising financial performance, and meeting your lifestyle goals. 

Every situation is different. So our approach starts with understanding your current and potential situations… and the things you want your assets, to achieve. 

BizLife Integrator

It’s one thing to manage your business. But how well is it working with your broader family assets... investments… debts… and your overall financial life? The right structures - from family trusts, to partnerships, companies to look-through - can bring significant advantages, efficiencies, and protection. But the wrong ones, can mean wasted money, and sometimes, considerable risks.

Our BizLife Integrator is a 3-step process, working with a senior director, to clearly define your financial ‘bigger picture’ and determine the financial and legal structures that will give you the best outcomes - tailored to your situation, your priorities and your goals.

This service is conducted by a director and will typically take between 1-2 hours of your time in total - at our offices, or yours.

Stage 1 - Where You Want To Go
An initial meeting where we analyse and discuss your current financial profile, any related financial interests, your goals and plans for the future, and any other specific considerations.

Stage 2 - How To Get There
We then send you a report outlining the different options you have for structuring or integrating your personal and business finances, the benefits these changes can deliver, or the risks they can avoid. Once you have reviewed this report, we meet with you to discuss the different recommendations and determine the best course of action for you.

Stage 3 - Making the Changes
We implement the changes agreed on - setting up new structures, liaising with lawyers as required, and providing the accounting support required to move assets or funds in accordance with your instructions.