Know your business better

Free Question BusinessAs a Xero gold partner, we can manage your tax, GST and compliance quickly, accurately and cost-efficiently. But our true difference, is our ability to contribute even more. 

More knowledge - as our senior directors, with over 80 years of experience in understanding and lifting business performance, get behind your numbers, to find the opportunities, or challenges, they really show. 

And more answers - with bespoke products and services that can help you optimise performance, make the big business decisions, and manage your financials (and your time) more effectively - for the minimum time and cost. 

The more questions you ask... the more value you get. So take a moment to consider some of the areas, where BW Miller Dean, can help you know more. 

See how your business performance measures up against other Kiwi businesses in your category, with our ‘Business Benchmark’ - developed with exclusive data from Waikato University - right here

You know what they are earning - but what are they earning for you? Our Labour Efficiency Calculator can help you accurately measure your team’s productivity - and your return on investment. Find out more - right here

As a business owner – what is your time really worth? We can help you calculate your actual hourly rate… understand what shapes it… and how you can improve it! See how you can ‘Earn Like A Boss’ with our help - right here

Managing your costs, expenses and tax write-offs can mean as much to your bottom line as increasing revenue - and with the right structures and systems, it can be much more efficient! See how our Virtual CFO can give tailor-made, ongoing optimisation to your business - right here

It’s not just taxation that can bring compliance risks. Staff systems and payroll can often be a weak spot for many small-to-medium businesses… and in the event of a dispute, they can be an expensive mistake to make. See how we can give your business a fast, cost-effective ‘HR Cleanup’ - right here

If you’re not making the most of cost structures, tax reductions, business expenses and even small business support… your competitors might be! See how our Virtual CFO can make sure you know the rules - and are applying them in your favour - right here

If you’re contemplating a transition or sale - make sure you know more than just your ‘ideal price’. How you structure your business, data capture and reporting now - can significantly affect it’s value in the future. See how our Virtual CFO can help you optimise your business value - and support you through the process - right here 

It’s one thing to record the data. But understanding what the data really shows, is essential for sound business plans - and the right business decisions. Find a wide range of simple, cost-efficient ways to get clearer analysis and insights - right here

It’s one thing to bring in business. But translating your team’s effort, into the greatest potential profit, can often require a more specialist focus of your business performance and costs. See how our ‘Virtual CFO’ can help you optimise your financial structure and performance - right here